Complete Web Development

Website Design, Development excluding Hosting.


R 4200

A Standard website with up to 5 pages.
  • Basic Off-Page SEO Plan
  • No On-Page SEO Plan
  • Constant Maintenance (if granted the rights)


R 4900

A Business website with up to 10 pages.
  • Complete Off-Page SEO Plan
  • No On-Page SEO Plan
  • Constant Maintenance (if granted the rights)


R 5300 R 5600

A Premium website with up to 15 pages.
  • Complete Off-Page SEO Plan
  • Basic On-Page SEO Plan
  • Constant Maintenance (if granted the rights)


R 7500 R 9000

An Ultimate Web Solution just for you.
  • Complete Off-Page SEO Plan
  • Complete On-Page SEO Plan
  • Constant Maintenance (if granted the rights)

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One of the common ways of doinb so is sharing your website on Social Media. But question is, who is your target market? 

Entrust your marketing to us and you will never go wrong.

It is common practice to think of Social Media first. But what else do you use to attract audience?

Let’s help you build content that will attract audience and then harvest leads.

That depends on a lot of things.

But you can trust MOGEN to implement your ideas in a way that you had envisaged them.

It depends on your content and who does the website for you. If the website is built with performance and search engine optimization in mind, it is worthwhile to invest time in the planning phase.

Let us help you get your website the soonest without compromizing on performance.

Solid-State Drive for All Plans

Reliable Solid-State Drives. 99.99% Uptime.

Own Firewall Security Rules

Use of Various Firewalls to secure your site. With Wordfence and Cloudflare at the forefront.

The Most Stable Platform

We monitor our systems so that we can keep them at their best performance.

Our Deployment Map

While we go in depth that mentioned here, this is an overview of what we go through to deliver your website or system.


Strategy is key. We try to gather as much intel as possible about your intended website to avoid fixing later.


With your assistance, we draw a roadmap and pinpoint milestones and target dates.


Development commence as soon as the first steps are set, in conjunction with the roadmap and changes that may arise.

Quick Launch

After we have demonstrated the new website, and you have approved of the work, we plan a launch, which is usually about an hour at max.